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The Rhythm of Weaving into Space

Linen, Silver thread, electronic components, Max MSP program, speakers


400cm X 250cm X 20cm 


Ryth Kesselring / Interactive sound textile
Textile sonore interactif / Interactive sound textile
Ryth Kesselring / interactive sound textile

This Interactive textile is a multilayer woven cloth that decomposes the process of weaving into rhythms created by the weaver. The temporality of the labor is translated into a sonic response activated by small photocells woven into the cloth. Triggered by shadow, the fibrous structure is engaging a conversation with is own language as the viewer is approaching it. By combining ancient textile construction technique to new technologies, this piece is deconstructing the complexity behind the woven work. This project is using computation and sound elements to give a multi sensory approach to the materiality of textiles.


(Version française suivra sous peu... )

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