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Tajima Sound Wave

 Cotton and Linen fabric, Silver thread, electronic components, Max MSP program, speakers


240cm X 50cm 


Ryth Kesselring / interactive sound textile
Ryth Kesselring Textile Art

This interactive textile is a translation of materiality into sound by using the noises created by the process of making the object. By embedding the sounds and rhythms of mechanical actions, the viewer can experience the textile differently. The audio responses are traces left by the machine laying the silver thread on the linen, they reflect parts of the textile's history as imprints of its entity. This project is questioning our relationship to textiles, their materiality and craftsmanship and how deconstructed sound elements alternate our understanding of the process involved. Tajima Sound Wave engages a playful dialogue between human and textile objects.


The conductive silver thread was layer with a Tajima laying machine. The circuit with 6 lights sensors is attached and directed to an Arduino Lilypad that sends the information to Max MSP, where the sounds are mixed. 


(Version française suivra sous peu... )

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