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Echoes of the Loom

Performance Sonore
Métier à tisser basse lisse, Fil de Coton, navette de tissage, pédale de guitare, programme de son, microphones, mixer, hautparleurs

Sound performance
Floor Loom, Cotton threads, weaving shuttle, guitar pedal, sound program, microphones, mixer, speakers

Depuis / Since 2017

Crédit photos: Fanny Dubois

Ryth Kesselring
Ryth Kesselring / Sound performance
Ryth Kesselring / sound performance
Echoes of the Loom samples - Ryth Kesselring

Echoes of The Loom explores the link between traditional oral transmitted craft technique and the rhythmic of the body movement involved wile creating. More specifically this project is a reflection on how the weaving loom is acting as a transactional object translating the body movement into rhythm and textile.This live performance represents the embodiment of the weaver and the rhythmic resonance of generations of knowledge. Along history, weaving has been a living archive performed from generation to generation, and the loom is acting as a transactional object that is maintaining the rhythms of remembrance, tradition and identity. From ancient knowledge to contemporary textile structures, it is also addressing the relation ship between this body movement ant the textile structure influencing one each other.

The rhythmic of the weaver is representing the archival aspect of the weaving loom and underlines its interlacing capacity to not only create a textile but also function as a connector between generations and communities. Hand woven textiles do carry the patterns and techniques of cultural knowledge and the acoustic interpretation of the loom connects to weaving it self, as a global intergenerational activity. 

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