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Deconstructing Technology

Collaboration whit Lea Schwarz

Monofilament, silver thread, electronic components, Max MSP program, speakers

180cm X 230cm X 150cm


Ryth Kesselring / Interactive sound textile
Ryth Kesselring
Ryth Kesselring
Ryth Kesslring, Interactive sound textile

This transparent monofilament weaved panel steps back into deconstructing its own process. As the viewer gets closer to this transparent weaving, he triggers sounds with his shadow, emitting a sound output; the sounds of the loom. All sounds heard are memories of the loom that had been used to weave the fragile nylon textile, and in this way the process of making has been translated into sound and materials. Stepping back to recognize the labour implied in textiles, this project uses newer technologies to reflect back to more ancient technologies that shape our material life. Changing the perception and capabilities of textiles to respond to human input, this project is approaching a different way of describing the interaction between humans and objects; and in this case experiencing the object itself.


The weaving was made on a 4 shaft floor loom with nylon and cotton/linen thread.The woven structure has conductive silver thread circuits with 4 lights sensors attached and directed to an Arduino Lilypad board. The Arduino Board sends the sensor information to M ax MSP, w here the sounds are mixed and overlayed.


(Version française suivra sous peu... )

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